SMRS All-Agency Meeting

22.12.2022 Nick Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems All-Agency meeting was December 15th, at Saint Anne’s Family Services in Los Angeles.

It had been almost three years since the last Quarterly All-Agency meeting. Many of the employees (especially those who were hired during the pandemic) had not had the experience of being part of this event.

From Left: Chief Executive Officer Bruce Boardman and Chief Operation Officer Tim Stevens

The SMRS All-Agency meeting was a great opportunity for all SMRS programs to be together and provide agency-wide updates, progress, and news.  It was a successful event. All the employees from different programs had the opportunity to interact with colleagues from other programs who they don’t typically get the chance to work with.

The event started with a message from Mr. Bruce Boardman, Social Model Recovery Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, followed by an activity which allowed staff to get to know a person sitting next to them better, a group activity that had everyone understand more about the Core Beliefs, and finally announcements and reports.

From left: Senior Director of Treatment Services Christopher Abernathy, River Community Program Director Sarah Tostado, and Senior Director for Community Relations Mike Schaub

At the group activity, all staff were in groups of 12. Each group had been assigned a Core Belief to tackle, discussed it together as a team, and reported to the whole group.

After the group activity, some important announcements were made by Anna Lee, Dina Cruz, Charles Porter, and Mike Schaub.

Then before the program ended, our CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Stevens, answered questions that anyone may have about the agency. This gave everyone the chance to speak their mind and gained a stronger understanding of how the agency operates and creates strategies to attain organizational goals. This was a great opportunity to strengthen employees’ knowledge of other streams of the business as well.

The management team also discussed the agency’s vision & mission, emphasized the values, and reviewed how the agency is doing in terms of achieving goals.

Our agency believes that by bringing everyone together, employees can boost morale, motivation, and foster collaboration. The event brought the whole group together, which does not happen very often. It was a great time for everyone to speak and allowed the whole team to be seen and heard.