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Wellness services for adults with co-occurring disorders.

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Treatment Program

The River Community Wellness Center program in Covina, CA begins with a thorough assessment of where you are in life, and reveals how you have progressed in your co-occurring recovery process. Wellness Center staff assists you in discovering your personal goals and aspirations, and in partnership with you, maps out a plan to attain your dreams.

Based on these discoveries, you will collaborate with our team to chart out a self-directed plan that empowers you to take the steps to achieve your goals. Ultimately, our program enables you to leave behind the role of client in a treatment program, and assume a new role as a thriving member of society.

With the help of the team you will soon learn to live life on life’s terms. You will be able to:

  • Conduct an advanced self-inventory utilizing the recovery approach.
  • Identify stress triggers and successfully manage mental health symptoms to avoid a relapse.
  • Acquire critical life skills through hands-on opportunities, including financial budgeting, time management, housing opportunities, and importance of managing medication.
  • Flourish in a variety of social settings through planned outings into the community with Wellness Center staff.

Program Fees

The cost of most services are covered by many health insurance plans, private/cash payment, as well as funding from county, state, and federal assistance.

River Community Wellness Center is funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, MHSA.

River Community Day Treatment is certified by the State Department of Health Care Services.  License # 190081BN; expiration date 10/31/2023.
Inquiries can be made to www.dhcs.ca.gov

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