Omni Center

Residential substance abuse treatment center for men.

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Treatment Program

Omni Center residential recovery program in El Monte, CA provides a structured living environment in an atmosphere of recovery. Each day begins with morning meditation and reflection. Residents attend daily groups, participate in recreational and social activities, and receive individual counseling. In the evening, residents may attend on-site or outside Twelve Step meetings (nightly Twelve Step fellowship meetings are held at the Amstone Hall, just a step away from the Center). The meetings operate independently of the program and everyone is welcome.

Other Services

The last phase of the program emphasizes job training and employment. Length of stay in residential recovery is based on each individual’s unique circumstances, and may extend for a period of months. Facilities include a play area for residents who have visits with their children. This area is adjacent to temporary and supportive housing services for persons who have completed a residential program and are attending outpatient care.

Program Fees

The cost of most services are covered by many health insurance plans, private/cash payment, as well as funding from county, state, and federal assistance.

Omni is licensed and certified by the State Department of Health Care Services.  License # 190081FN; expiration date 02/28/2024.
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