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Residential treatment for adults with co-occurring disorders.

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Treatment Program

River Community in Azusa, CA is a unique treatment program providing recovery services to people with concurrent mental health and chemical dependency problems. Helping these people find their personal road to recovery is the primary goal of the program.

Our innovative approach offers hope and recovery. Comprehensive programming includes daily group and individual therapy as well as participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other self-help groups.

All recovery services address the psychological, physical, social, and spiritual needs of each person. The highly structured daily schedule focuses on both activities which promote abstinence from alcohol and non-prescribed medications and recovery from major mental health problems.

Abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and non-prescribed medications is a requirement for those beginning a new life at River Community. Residents learn that sound mental health and recovery from alcohol or drug use is a lifelong process.

Individuals develop coping skills by finding their voice within the community. As they develop a sense of respect for themselves, residents develop new attitudes and increasingly responsible behavior. River Community is a loving and effective alternative for people whose multiple needs have not been met with traditional recovery programs.

River Community Services

At the time of admission, a resident receives a complete diagnostic assessment which is used to find the appropriate initial level of care. Additionally, an individualized treatment plan is prepared to assure the best level of care. Discharge planning, transitional living facilities, and aftercare support groups are integral components of our service.

Family involvement is strongly encouraged. Regularly scheduled groups are designed to help loved ones cope with living with a person with co-occurring disorders.

River Community is designed to give individuals the necessary coping skills to deal with life on life’s terms. Making appropriate living decisions which include budgeting, housekeeping, transportation, entertainment, and meal planning is the focus of much of the instruction. A supervised nutritional program is also provided.

Numerous recreational and leisure activities are regularly scheduled, including supervised community outings, day trips to amusement parks, and attendance at various plays and dances.

Criteria for Admission

  • Symptoms of mental health and chemical dependency problems
  • Willingness to participate in a recovery program
  • No medical problems requiring treatment in an acute setting
  • Potential to progress to a more independent living arrangement

Fees: The cost of most services are covered by many health insurance plans. Fees are reasonable enough that many people not covered by insurance can pay out-of-pocket for treatment. Individuals receiving SSI or other types of assistance may apply these funds to the cost of services.

River Community Staffing

Treatment services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of trained specialists. Each staff member has extensive experience working with this unique population. Alcohol and drug recovery services include daily contact with staff who have personal recovery experience.

Programs that are designed to address mental health problems are provided by mental health professionals and are supervised by a licensed psychiatrist or therapist. All staff are cross trained in mental health and alcohol and drug recovery methods. All are dedicated to helping each resident recover.

Program Fees

The cost of most services are covered by many health insurance plans, private/cash payment, as well as funding from county, state, and federal assistance.

River Community is licensed and certified by the State of California, and accredited by CARF.

River Community is partially funded by the Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health and Health Services.

River Community is licensed and certified by the State Department of Health Care Services.
License # 190081AN; expiration date 03/31/2024.
Inquiries can be made to www.dhcs.ca.gov

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