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About Us
In Pursuit of Wellness

Social Model Recovery Systems (a non-profit 501(c)3 California corporation) provides direct treatment services (at 11 locations in Los Angeles County) for those whose lives have become unmanageable due to alcohol and other drug use and/or whose mental health issues are interfering with leading productive lives.

Thousands of individuals have found help in our programs since 1986. We know that ultimately recovery is a personal choice, but we here at Social Model Recovery Systems are here to assist you in your steps to a healthier lifestyle.

As everyone in our programs contributes in providing a safe and nurturing environment, each is expected to role model healthy behaviors for each other during the treatment process. In our social model settings, the emphasis of recovery is based upon the relationship between the participant and his or her environment (including other participants and staff as a whole). It is the collective and integrated team of employees and participants more than one individual member which creates the ideal social model environment. It is the healing created by everyone’s accumulated knowledge, collective experiences, and cohesiveness that make the social model process work.

Although individual interactions between single staff and participants are supportive, it is the group interactions which prove to be of greater benefit.

In addition to our direct service programs, we operate a community-based alcohol and drug prevention program in the Central City East area (commonly known as Skid Row) in downtown Los Angeles. The mission of the program is to engage the most vulnerable populations of Central City East to challenge systemic conditions and social disparities that threaten a healthy environment.


Vision Statement
Social Model Recovery Systems envisions a world where communities can pursue social, economic, educational, and spiritual wellness free from alcohol, other drug, and mental health problems.

Service Mission
our service mission is threefold

  • To create environments promoting recovery, personal responsibility, and mutual self-help.
  • To help communities prevent and reduce alcohol, other drug, and mental health-related problems through positive social change.
  • To share research and knowledge through training, consultation, and educational initiatives.

Financial Mission
fiscal strength and cost-effective services

  • To maintain fiscal strength which ensures quality, growth, and the ability to serve all people in need.
  • To provide cost-effective services that achieve the best and highest use of public and private resources.