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Provides targeted outreach in the Central City East area of downtown Los Angeles, commonly known as "skid row."

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Community Coalition

United Coalition East (UCEPP) was founded in 1996, to address the problems related to substance use disorder  (SUD) in the Central City East area of downtown Los Angeles, commonly known as “skid row.”

UCEPP’s mission is to engage the most vulnerable populations of Central City East to challenge systemic conditions and social disparities that threaten a healthy environment. UCEPP’s priority is to prevent and/or reduce the impact of substance use in the community by using grassroots research, assessment and innovative approaches to inspire social justice and positive change.

Community organizing and mobilizing is an integral part of our problem-solving process. For the past decade, UCEPP has partnered with community members to identify neighborhood problems and develop strategies to address them. To this end, UCEPP hosts numerous activities and planning meetings throughout the year with the aim of creating an environment that is conducive to wellness, neighborhood cohesiveness, and a sense of pride. UCEPP staff has encouraged community members to participate in local government with the goal of improving the manner of operation of local bars, liquor stores, and hotels in the community that are magnets for nuisance activity. UCEPP has conducted grassroots research and released policy briefs aimed at increasing public debate as well as influencing public policies.

Community-led Solutions

We use grassroots research, assessment, and innovative approaches to inspire social justice. Our philosophy is rooted in the Public Health Model approach to prevention which recognizes that problems result from the interaction between the person, substance, and setting. We believe that people who live and/or work in a community will have more success in solving problems than “outside experts”.

To build a prosperous neighborhood, we foster community-led solutions by nurturing initiatives aimed at enhancing wellness and reducing coercive influences. Through our civic engagement drive, we have supported a cadre of residents to advocate on behalf of our neighborhood. Our endeavors provide a safe haven to buffer associated risk factors. We respect the individual which has facilitated our commitment to meet the cultural needs of our community. Recognizing that no one individual or Agency can solve community ills, we have partnered with residents, social service providers, and local community organizations, as well as faith-based groups among others to collectively address these issues.


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