River Community’s 36th Anniversary

Social Model Recovery Systems IncRecent NewsRiver Community’s 36th Anniversary
3.02.2023 Nick Recent News

River Community, a program of Social Model Recovery Systems is celebrating its 36-year anniversary of providing treatment services.

Our treatment program provides recovery services to people with co-occurring, mental health, and substance use disorders.

River Community is one of Social Model Recovery Systems’ treatment programs located in a beautiful mountain setting alongside the San Gabriel River in the Angeles National Forest. We have been a pioneer in treating people with co-occurring disorders.

For more than three (3) decades, River Community has helped a myriad of people make positive lifestyle changes in their lives. This is an absolutely great place to begin recovery.

River Community’s Program Director, Sarah Tostado, believes that anyone can achieve sobriety with proper treatment and the willingness to be better.

“I have been working in this field for over 20 years. I found something special here in River Community (a program of Social Model Recovery Systems). SMRS believes in actual recovery. We care about our residents. We care about reuniting families and healing people to begin their lives in a new way. River Community has beautiful surroundings. I get to meditate on my drive up and on my drive home. It is peaceful, serene, and relaxing.” says Ms. Tostado.

River Community’s treatment services give hope and support in recovery. Daily activities include group and individual therapy, as well as participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other self-help groups.

The daily schedule focuses on activities which promote abstinence from alcohol and non-prescribed medications and recovery from major mental health problems.

We believe that every person is different. We prepare individualized plans for each resident/participant to ensure the best level of care is given.

At Social Model Recovery Systems, WE listen, WE Understand, and WE act on helping any individual and their family overcome addiction and mental illness.