Rest From Covid-19 -Rena B

8.09.2021 Nick Recent News

The last 16 months have been a struggle for everyone due to the pandemic (Covid-19).

Opportunities to soak up sun rays at one of Southern California’s most picturesque and beautiful beaches were limited. However, recently our residents of the luxurious Rena B were privileged to partake of this leisure-filled, therapeutic, safe, and sober outing.

Enjoying the beach while clean and sober meant residents being present to the feel of the sun and salt air, the sound of the waves and music, the smell of the ocean and sand, and the connection with one another and the staff. Now that’s a sensory experience that is good for the soul and recovery. Our beach outing was good for the residents and for the Rena B staff (Brandon, Jennifer, James, Nicole, Donnie, and David) who worked together to make the trip happen.

The teamwork strengthened our connections and the setting allowed us to bond in a new way after working hard for the last 16 months. And it reintroduced many of us to the beach after years of not visiting.