Recent News

Here We Grow Again!

River Community Covina and Wellness Center welcomes with open arms the psychiatric technicians from Mt. San Antonio College. After months of planning and approving, the students and staff of Mt. San Antonio College will have the opportunity to learn first hand from our programs the many daily interactions necessary to become psychiatric technicians. These interns will learn from attending groups, psychiatrist appointments, and community outreach. We currently have 12 interns and are truly grateful that Mt. San Antonio College chose our programs to assist with their interns. Best of luck to all of you from all of us!

LAPD Safety Symposium

The Community Centered Emergency Room Project (CCERP) staff and coalition members participated in a Safety Symposium hosted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). We conducted outreach for the event which included disseminating and posting over 600 flyers throughout Boyle Heights and successfully attracting over 40 residents (which included the representation of 13 Coalition Members who proudly sported the Social Model Recovery Systems logo). Some of the panelists included Captain Baeza, Hollenbeck Division; Cynthia Gonzalez, Neighborhood Prosecutor; and Micah Levenson, Office of the City Attorney, just to name a few.

Coalition members were able to put principles learned during their leadership training into action, highlighting issues like liquor stores selling to intoxicated people, second-hand marijuana smoke affecting toddlers at a daycare center, and not being able to stay at the parks because of alcohol and other drug-related safety concerns. Coalition members felt heard and encouraged by the attention and commitment expressed by the panelists. Staff will coordinate follow-up meetings with Coalition members, city officials, and law enforcement to continue traction on these issues.

LGBT Community Event at USC

Residents and staff of Mariposa took a train trip to the fabulous USC campus to join in on workshops and gain an understanding on the LGBT community and the changes that have taken place in the world as a result of people advocating and standing up for those once oppressed by society. The residents enjoyed lunch, DJ music mixers, pride tattoos and freebies. They explored a variety of exhibitor booths ranging from college education, domestic violence awareness, autism, and even dental checkups.

A High School Graduation at Touchstones

Erik came to Touchstones with a lack of motivation and no desire to learn. Within a short time, Erik realized that other people cared about him and wanted to see him succeed. As time went on, Erik began to participate, show an interest in his academic studies, and before long, he began taking his class work seriously. He has worked hard and his achievements are something to be very proud of. Not only has he become an excellent student, he has also excelled in History, Art, and English. He has become a role model for others and he displays leadership qualities. Erik is a fine young man who has the ability to do well in whatever endeavors he chooses in life. The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings. I wish Erik many new beginnings. - Jeff Segal, Touchstones teacher


Now Available: Community Resource Guide

The Community Centered Emergency Room Project (CCERP) recently held a Town Hall meeting to share our community assessment findings and brainstorm solutions regarding the inappropriate use of the emergency room by our homeless neighbors. One of the commitments that came from this meeting was the creation of a resource guide to assist service providers in connecting our homeless neighbors with more appropriate services. Earlier this year we began the tedious task of completing such a guide. It took hours of going door-to-door, making phone calls and repeatedly verifying our information to include the most accurate and relevant information. The completion and distribution of the guide has been well received, and it is exciting to hear stories about how the guide is being utilized. At a recent community meeting in Boyle Heights, an Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shared how helpful it is to know who to call, as he held up our guide and waved it to the group. This is another step toward our goal of increasing community linkages and partnerships, and we are committed to working together to better our community.

Reel Recovery Film Festival

Stepping Stones attended the Reel Recovery Film Festival this year. We had the privilege of meeting Norris Young (pictured), the Director of the film "Kansas Street." The residents were also interviewed on camera regarding their thoughts on the films they viewed. Many thanks to Mike Schaub and Melissa Morales for providing tickets to the event.

Domestic Violence Vigil

Staff and residents of Mariposa participated in the Domestic Violence Vigil. The walk started at Belvedere Park in East Los Angeles. Everyone gathered in front of the Virgin De Guadalupe Mural and said a prayer before starting the walk. Many women and men walked down Ceasar Chavez Boulevard with signs to support Domestic Violence Awareness and sending out shouts such as “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” and  “Stop The Violence”. Police escorted us throughout the walk while cars were honking and others were shouting their support for the cause. The walk ended at East Los Angeles Performing Arts Center where we were greeted by Aztec Dancers and staff from the East Los Angeles Women’s Center. Staff and residents enjoyed eating pan dulce, tortas, coffee, and water. Survivors were given the chance to share their story with the audience.