Recent News

Interventionist Summit

Recently, Social Model Recovery Systems hosted an Interventionist Summit, inviting colleagues and interventionists throughout the recovering community to engage in conversation and fellowship. Some topics of discussion included how to make referrals to interventionists, the specific needs of interventionists, easy access to treatment, and the many programs within Social Model Recovery Systems. These individuals hold an unbelievable amount of respect and admiration in the hearts and minds of our team members at Social Model Recovery System. Together, this group has been responsible for offering the gift of a journey into recovery and treatment for thousands of individuals suffering from the disease of addiction as well as helping countless family members with professional guidance and hope. With complete gratitude, Social Model Recovery Systems would like to acknowledge these people for their amazing life’s work and for taking the time to join us at this year’s Interventionist Summit.

Holiday Mayhem and Miracles

During the annual Holiday Party hosted by Social Model Recovery Systems, we had our first community-based theatre production. Program participants from several of the facilities spent months in preparation for this performance. The theatre production was scripted and performed by the participants. They shared the story of three addicts and used the medium of theatre to express the pain of addiction and the hope that they had found through treatment. These participants performed at both venues (Covina and Royal Palms) in front of a crowd of family and friends. When they initially started this project, many did not believe they could perform in front of such a large crowd and had never done anything like this before. As they stepped out to take their bows, the glow of accomplishment could be seen in their faces. Congratulations on a beautiful performance and a special thanks to all the programs, venues, and staff involved in making these productions a success.
Theatre group participants:
Theresa G., Monica C., Lindsey B., Anjelica M., Miranda R., Elizabeth V., Sylvia C., April C., Andrea S., Mayatzin A., Sarah H., Patrisha V., Andrea A., Noelle C., Elvia V., Susan O., Darlene A., Tony E., Bert P., David V., Charles O., Johnny O., Cornelius F., Adrian G., Tim M., Chaya R., Annea M., Nichelle C., and Leah.

Mid Valley Outpatient Celebrates Their Annual Open House

Mid Valley Outpatient celebrated their annual open house in the city of El Monte, with staff and community partners sharing resources and enjoying fun, food, fellowship, and tours. The guided facility tours for our guests and community members were given by staff and participants of Mid Valley Outpatient. Staff, participants, and program alumni shared about the program and what Mid Valley Outpatient offered to the community. Participants shared their experience, strength, and hope, as well as what this program has represented in their journey toward positive change and recovery.

Touchstones Takes a Trip to Camelot

All fifteen Touchstones residents enjoyed a recreational outing to Camelot Amusement Park. Residents enjoyed eating pizza and playing video games together with fellow peers and staff. It provided an opportunity for residents to have fun and work together as a team with each other to conquer some of those technical driving and dance games. At Touchstones our staff educate and role model healthy behaviors for our residents to learn and exhibit within the facility and in the community. We are proud to say that all residents exhibited healthy behaviors and were well behaved; all residents returned to Touchstones with smiling faces, telling stories about their adventure to Camelot.

Steps to Success 9-Week Program Launch

River Covina/Wellness Center launched Steps to Success, a dynamic employment and education group focusing on the readiness for employment as well as preparing to take the steps necessary to enroll in school. Steps to Success is a 9 week program held each Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:00 geared towards participants learning interviewing techniques, public speaking, resume writing and employment/school searches. Enthusiasm for this group is off to a great start with dedicated participants and staff. This is going to be a fabulous year! 

Visit to the Museum of Tolerance

“…it is crucial for all of us to give new meaning to the word ‘tolerance’ and understand that our ability to value each and every person is the ethical basis for peace, security and intercultural dialogue. A peaceful future depends on our everyday acts and gestures. Let us educate for tolerance in our schools and communities, in our homes and workplaces and, most of all, in our hearts and minds.” 
- Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO from his address at the dedication of the Museum of Tolerance, Feb. 8, 1993.

The Touchstones kids and Omni Center residents spent a moving day at the Museum of Tolerance, experiencing their extended tour and meeting with a Holocaust survivor. This was the first experience most of our residents have had learning about the Holocaust first hand. One resident was tearful when talking about the day and sharing the brochure the tour docent provided about a young girl that died in Auschwitz. She was able to process her experience and understand that she was expressing empathy and compassion for the plight of others, a beautiful thing to learn in recovery. They also learned about more current Human Rights issues worldwide including visiting an exhibit focused on issues right here in Southern California- - the plight of Latino families almost ten years before Brown v. Board of Education. Residents learned about the dramatic story of Mendez v. Westminster and the broad multi-racial grassroots efforts, including lawyers and activists, to end school segregation in rural Orange County.

River Community Harvest Feast

Residents, Social Model Staff and Community Supporters came together to celebrate a long-running River Community tradition, our Annual Harvest Feast! Thanks to the hard work of the River Community Kitchen Supervisor, Steve, the Celebrants enjoyed delicious smoked turkey and a variety of side dishes. There was a world class bagpiper, Seumas Coyne, playing to greet the arrivals, followed by performances by musicians. However, the highlight of the entertainment was the River Band, comprised of Residents from River Community. Memories were made at the Photo booth and everyone had a most enjoyable time.