Recent News

Mariposa Happenings

Residents and counselors recently participated in a field trip to the California Science Center. The women learned more about earthquakes as well as the human body. After visiting the museum, staff and residents enjoyed a nice picnic in the park outside the museum.

Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, August 14, 2014, Social Model Recovery Systems Chief Executive Officer, Jim O’Connell (right) and Regional Program Director, Felipe Kaiser (center) were joined by staff Jennifer Smith, Nicole Fiore, Steven Rodriguez , Cynthia Lujan, participants and members of the community for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony welcoming Mid Valley Outpatient to its new location in El Monte.

El Monte Chamber of Commerce officials, Ken Rausch, Executive Director and Ambassador Christine Night along with other representatives welcomed the new facility of Mid Valley Outpatient, as well as honored the many years of positive community contributions it has given and the great impact it has made to the city and its residents.

In attendance were Representatives from the El Monte Mayors’ office, including Bart Patel, Mayor Pro Tem, as well as representatives from the office of Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez from the 24th Senate District. Also in attendance were representatives from Assemblyman Ed Chau’s office (49th District) and Assemblyman Roger Hernandez’s (48th District) office. We were also fortunate to have in attendance for this event representatives from Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control’s administrative offices, Director Wesley Ford, Mario Salcedo and Anne Robinson.

Mid Valley Outpatient received Certificates of Recognition from the various attendees mentioned above and their respective offices. We are honored to be a part of the El Monte Chamber of Commerce and for the opportunity to continue serving the community of El Monte by remaining a safe place for men, women and youth to begin the process of positive change. 


Raffle Winner

The Screening & Assessment staff have created a unique way to encourage possible participants to keep their appointments and ensure a fast admission into a program. It is a Raffle! All one has to do to be entered is simply come to their appointment on time without reschedule and that person will be submitted into a monthly drawing. The prize will usually include a gift card.

Our first winner was Lisa Hernandez (center); she was surprised and thrilled to win. It was exciting to add a little something to what can be a difficult and draining experience. We understand that keeping an appointment is not always easy, especially when one is in crisis. We want to congratulate Lisa for the hard work and commitment she has made for her recovery and we look forward to next month's winner!



Another Graduate

River Community Covina participant Emily G. recently graduated from our Intensive Outpatient Program and transitioned to the River Community Wellness Center. Emily has shown that she has what it takes to remain sober, remain consistent, and work a program with dedication, diligence, and pride. Emily has conquered personal obstacles and turned to her peers to assist her with coping strategies which have been helpful for her new life.
Congratulations, Emily!!!!


Scottish Cultural Awareness

"Guid gear comes in sma' bulk"…Which in Scotland means, "Good things come in small packages". River Community Covina and Wellness Center participant Daniel presented his Cultural Awareness presentation about Scotland and the Scottish culture. Daniel created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation and showed his pride as any true Scot would. Staff and participants enjoyed traditional Meat Pies and enjoyed festive traditional Scottish bagpipe music. Great Job Daniel, participants, and staff!!


Shakespeare in Summer

The Touchstones kids went on another great summer outing. We went to see Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in the park. With blankets and snacks, they kept their minds open to the event, not knowing what to expect. It was exciting to watch the kids enjoy what was for most of them their first exposure to Shakespeare. They were very attentive, and learned that Shakespeare is quite enjoyable and they were able to add yet another new experience in their newly drug-free life. They are learning, one day at a time, that life can be filled with gratifying events without drugs and alcohol. We have many more great events planned for the kids this summer, a life changing summer they will never forget.

"It's Raining Men"

River Community Covina Counselor Sylvia accompanied the men of our
programs to the Cameron Park Community Center in West Covina for a day of fun and athletic activities. Cameron Community Center programs include a variety of fitness, performing arts, sports, art and specialty classes, youth open game and open gym programs, adult open gym, adult sports, youth sports and other special activities. Our participants played a friendly but very competitive game of 3 on 3 basketball. Staff was truly amazed at the talent witnessed on the court.  Are we seeing a friendly basketball challenge with another willing SMRS program?  ... Right Mid Valley or Omni Center?