Recent News

Certified Advocates

Mariposa staff members Carolina Rocha and Vivian Escamilla recently became certified Domestic Violence Advocates. We all celebrated with a completion ceremony dinner with all our peers including our instructor Ms. Bernita Walker from Project Peacemakers.  Program Director Melanie Arellano supported both counselors in completion of the training.

Holiday Celebration

This holiday season, UCEPP hosted its annual Coalition Celebration with the Skid Row 3 on 3 League Appreciation lunch. The expansion of this year’s event welcomed UCEPP coalition members, league players, their families and friends, and seniors who live at the Ellis hotel located directly next door to our offices. Over 75 individuals attended the combined celebration and the Prevention Team was happy to serve all guests an elegant meal that included cooked salmon, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, salad, vegetables, and a wide range of dessert and beverages. To add to the excitement, a short picture slideshow and music were playing throughout the lunch, time was taken to recognize individuals, and a variety of prizes were raffled away. The room was filled with great appreciation and company. It was an incredible time!

Go Clippers!

The guys at Omni Center recently attended a Clippers game.  The group had a great time and hope for a return trip in the playoffs!

Thanks to a generous donation for our Touchstones kids, they were fortunate enough to attend an exhilarating and intense basketball game at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Many of our residents have never experienced a basketball game in person, and to their surprise, they found it to be incredibly fun as they joined into the roaring crowd, chanting and clapping for their team. One of the kids expressed his appreciation and stated, “I’ve never had the chance to do anything like this before I came to Touchstones. This was  awesome!” In addition, experiences like this act as a constant reminder of how sobriety is possible and how life can be filled of fun, fulfilling memories. We look forward to future outings and are excited to create more and more memories while celebrating sobriety.

Congrats to Gerald

We would like to congratulate Gerald on successfully graduating from trucking school. He has aptly and quickly grasped the concepts of driving tractor trailers which resulted in him passing his Class “A” exam. When asked of his feelings with successfully following through on his goal he stated, “I can’t believe how much my brain has changed. I owe my thanks to God, my counselor and my family. I had to stick with the professionals to get the help I needed.” We here at River Community Covina and Wellness have delighted in his presence and are truly proud of his ability to push through his struggles to start a new life. Congratulation Gerald!

Thanksgiving Help

Andrew Peckich of the Screening and Assessment Department represented Social Model Recovery Systems at the annual Dinner in the Park hosted by the Pasadena Union Station Homeless Services. Andrew provided 100 sack lunches to the shelter and helped serve Thanksgiving Dinner to over 1,000 people. Andrew said it was a great time to share a word of encouragement to the folks being served as well as an opportunity to talk with other organizations about the services Social Model provides. Happy Holidays.

Outings with Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones recently visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. A Mandir is a Hindu place of worship - a place of spirituality and paramount peace. It is also a center for vibrant social, cultural and spiritual activities. The Mandir is comprised of 2 types of stone(Italian Carrara marble and Indian pink sandstone). Individual stone pieces were carved by hand, shipped to the USA and assembled in Chino Hills like a giant 3-D jigsaw puzzle.  Also, in November, the ladies participated in the Veterans Day ceremonies at the Field of Valor in Covina.

Alumni Picnic

On Saturday November 15, 2014, Touchstones had an Alumni Picnic with alumni, family members of alumni, and current residents. We had music, raffles and fun. We asked the alumni recovery group some questions and they shared their experience strength and hope with the current residents at Touchstones. It gave our current residents hope that they could do it too. It was a great experience for the alumni and the residents. Alumni from the last five years were present at the event.