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River Community Covina and Wellness Prepares for...

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness enjoyed preparing for Denim Day! They dusted off their jeans and dipped their paint brushes to design jeans that speak out against a crime that affects us all. The participants wanted to show their support by ending the silence of sexual assault and continuing to strengthen the statement, “No Means No”. Stories were shared amongst themselves about their survival of this dreadful crime. As one participant states, “We can put a man on the moon but we cannot end this violence.” Together our voices can be heard. Together the silence can be broken. Together, Social Model Recovery Systems can show all survivors they are not alone.


Mid Valley’s Fun-Filled Denim Day Preparation!

Mid Valley Outpatient women’s group decorated jeans in support of Denim Day on Wednesday April 26, 2017. The participants were educated on the importance of Denim Day and the significance of bringing awareness of sexual assault to the world. The decorated jeans will be on display at the Mid Valley Community provider luncheon.

River Community Covina & Wellness Shed Light...

Members of CanCan, a non-profit organization for ovarian and breast cancer, came to River Community Covina and River Community Wellness Center’s programs to present important information to our participants on breast and ovarian cancer. We listened to a survivor’s story, where she used humor to show the myths about contracting this disease. Participants were asked to assist in a demonstration allowing for excited engagement. We learned that anyone can be diagnosed with this disease. Our speakers shared their own personal battles with this disease. Participants received educational information on the proper way to complete self-exams as well as where to start if you suspect something is wrong. Although this was a tough subject for some, whether they are survivors or have recently been diagnosed, the presenters made the audience feel safe and secure in sharing their information. Through our recovery we need to learn about ourselves, how we can help ourselves, and where we can go for help.

Presentation on the Dangers of Bath Salts at...

A participant of River Community Covina gave a presentation on “Bath Salts,” sharing with us how this dangerous drug has affected communities. We learned that this drug is also called the Zombie drug because the people who take it have a zombie like appearance. We also learned that this drug causes some people to turn into cannibals. We saw numerous news articles and shows describing the dreadful acts that people under the influence of this drug have done, such as people that have eaten human flesh and people who have gouged out their eyes. We learned that this drug is a cheap substitute for other drugs with lethal effects. When asking the participant, who presented this information, what she had learned, she replied, “Don’t do drugs”.

Mid Valley’s Egg-Cellent Day!!

Mid Valley Participants gathered together in multiple groups on April 14, 2017 to color and decorate Easter Eggs for both themselves and their children. Mid Valley’s wonderful Staff had made 100 hard-boiled eggs for each group to express their creative sides and provide gifts for their children and loved ones on Easter.

River Community Covina & Wellness Thrift...

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness Center’s present Plush & Play Thrift Store Day! We did it! We transformed our drop-in center into a thrift store. Participants gained employable knowledge by helping to create the thrift store from the ground up. We are planning to have thrift store day once a month which may lead to bigger and better things, such as opening a real store that participants can work in to gain valuable employable skills to rejoin the workforce. As for now, we are grateful for the patrons that shopped with us on our grand opening. Please come shop with us at our next thrift store day on May 19, 2017. Hours of operations are 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm. We hope you to see you there!


Mid Valley's Bowling Night Celebration

Mid Valley’s participants in the evening Spanish group attended bowling at Action Lanes to celebrate the successful completion of participant Juventino G. Participants and staff were filled with gratitude and appreciation on Juventino accomplishment. Participants had an amazing time bowling and celebrating with their peers in recovery.