Recent News

Loyola Marymount University partners with Community Centered Emergency Room Project

CCERP in partnership with the Loyola Marymount University, School of Psychology, hosted a tailored two-part psychology training for our Coalition members. During the first session we learned how to deal with stress, including various coping strategies. We also learned about negative coping mechanisms, one of which is substance abuse. In the second session we focused on family life and strengthening bonds with our children. We learned about good parenting strategies (i.e. positive activities and role modeling) which can help our children to cope with life’s stressors and deter them from resorting to substance abuse. Our Coalition members identify strategies to prevent the harm alcohol and other drug use has on the entire family. The class culminated with certificates of recognition and comprehensive resource packages being given to all participants. The most rewarding part of working with our Coalition, is seeing them transform and develop into great leaders who are focused on improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones. This is what makes our prevent work meaningful.

Safety Presentation by the Los Angeles County Fire Department

Safety Officer and CERT member, Kristine Cox, arranged for the Los Angeles County firefighters to come to River Community Covina and Wellness Center and present for our staff and participants. Station 154 in Covina showed up with their engine company and facilitated an awesome safety presentation about home fire safety and fire extinguisher use. Our participants were amazed at all of the current technology and information they received from our firefighter friends just up the street from us. River Community Covina and Wellness Center have had these gentlemen in our lives for the past several years and they make sure we are safe and educated on the most current safety technology and services.

Thanks for all you do, Los Angeles County Firefighters!

Juneteen Celebration

The residents from Mariposa celebrated Juneteenth, the oldest known festival
to commemorate emancipation from slavery two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The residents celebrated by cooking chicken, corn bread, and greens. They also had some strawberry sodas and cherry pie. The residents sat in the group room and watched the movie Roots. One resident stated that 7th grade was the last year she went to school and appreciated the opportunity to learn about slavery. Another resident commented that she enjoyed eating great food and talking about the history and why Juneteenth is celebrated. 

Completion Ceremony at Mariposa

Mariposa, our Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for Women and Women with Children, celebrated the wonderful achievements of  the women completing the program. The recent Semi-Annual Completion Ceremony was a beautiful event that included their loved ones, an opportunity to fellowship, and a fun picnic. The ladies completing their program were presented with a certificate and heart-warming words of inspiration spoken to them by their counselors. 



16 Years Sober!

A great big congratulations goes out to our Mariposa Program Director, Melanie Arellano, on 16 years of sobriety! When Melanie entered into treatment in the year 2000, she was homeless and consumed by her disease of addiction. Determined to regain custody of her son, she completed treatment a year later, and reunited with her son. Since 2003, Melanie has been dedicating her life's work to the women at Mariposa. She shares daily her experience, strength, and hope---inspiring the residents and spreading light and encouragement. Melanie, today we honor and celebrate your dedication, strength, and 16 years clean and sober!

Los Angeles Pride Parade

In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida, the Mariposa residents traveled to West Hollywood to embrace the Los Angeles Pride Parade. When staff proposed the trip, all residents enthusiastically participated in the day’s events. Staff and residents were at the front of the parade expressing their honor, love, support, and solidarity with the Los Angeles LGBTQ community in this day of pride.


Six Flags Trip

Omni Center residents celebrate a new chapter in life as they visit Six Flags Magic Mountain. Here they experienced new adventures, let loose, and enjoyed a full day of fun and laughter alongside their brothers in recovery and staff members. This opportunity proved to create new and happy memories while living a drug-free life!