Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems Co-Hosts Spice Emergency Meeting

United Coalition East Prevention Project, the prevention group of Social Model Recovery Systems, co-hosted a Skid Row Spice Emergency Town Hall in partnership with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office. The Town Hall was called due to a rash of non-lethal “Spice” overdoses; as many as 82 individuals have required fire and police emergency services. The Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity contacted UCEPP staff Monday morning.

We quickly put together our Spice/Skid Row strategy meeting. By that Wednesday we had gathered an impressive and diverse array of concerned city, county and community leaders, including Mayor Garcetti. Social Model Recovery Systems' CEO Jim O’Connell was in attendance and he pledged our agency’s full support. We were very encouraged by the diverse group of public and private leaders who made time on such short notice to help us craft a community response to this public health crisis.

Subsequent UCEPP/SMRS actions will be aimed at informing our homeless neighbors about the poisonous nature of this synthetic drug, creating city/county response protocols, identifying services, and creating a community-driven network to build resident capacity and leadership.

In addition to a Spice Public Health Action Alert, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control shared the below Google Maps link. This user friendly interactive map will help to easily identify nearby health and substance abuse providers.

 Map of Nearby Health and Substance Abuse Providers


Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for NAMIWalks 2016

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness Center hosted a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser to raise money for NAMI. It was a great success! Those who attended the dinner that night had an opportunity to come together as a community to support those who live with mental health disorders. We were inspired by one of our own participants who shared his journey through his addiction while he battled his mental illness and how he is now able to live with his mental illness and maintain his recovery. We were all grateful for the amount of participants, family members, and the community that came out to support us with raising money for the NAMI Walk. We will look forward to next year’s Spaghetti Fundraiser.


Let's Go Dodgers! Let's Go Mid Valley Outpatient!

Mid Valley Outpatient staff and participants enjoyed a fun outing together at Dodger Stadium. Dressed in blue and white to support their team, all were able to experience the excitement and ambiance of the crowd as they cheered for the Los Angeles Dodgers! Mid Valley Outpatient staff provided the snacks and drinks in appreciation for the hard work that the participants do in their recovery. Participants expressed their gratitude and said that they would definitely love to experience it again! In the end, The Los Angeles Dodgers took the win over The Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-2, as participants and staff all cheered,“Way to go, Boys in Blue!!”

Food With a Purpose

Dear Mama is a local pop-up food distributor, completely vegan, and oh-so yummy! Thank you so much to Dear Mama Founder, Desiree Flores, for dropping off her delicious tamales and clothing donations to the women and children we serve here at Social Model Recovery Systems. Located in Boyle Heights, Desiree caters and collaborates with events and festivals, providing homemade plant-based food to help single-parent families. You can contact Dear Mama via email: or follow us on Facebook!


Mariposa Open House

Recently, an Open House was hosted at Mariposa, Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for Women and Women with Children. It was a great event that had community providers throughout Los Angeles county visiting and recieving tours by the Mariposa participants. Lunch was provided by staff in two very nice settings to choose from...inside the women's group room or out in the patio area. Here, guests engaged in conversation and took advantage of the great networking opportunities. Many of the the guests in attendence were visiting Mariposa for the very first time. Thank you to everyone who came out to attend the event and thank you to the Social Model Recovery Systems staff members and Mariposa participants who supported and helped to make this day a huge success!


Completely CARF Accredited and Proud!



We are delighted to announce that Social Model Recovery Sysmtems has been issued additional CARF accreditations for three new programs: Royal Palms, Rena B and Bimini. 

Not only have we achieved accreditiation fo these remaining three programs, we are excited to announce that these programs attained the highest level of accreditation from CARF, as we had conformance to all CARF standards. Very seldom does this happen. 

As a result of this recent CARF survey, Social Model Recovery Systems is now placed in the top three percent of all CARF accredited programs internationally and, along with CARF, we believe this to be an extraordinary accomplishment!

We are very proud of all of our staff for their dedication and commitment to helping the people we serve, the families that suffer, and the commuity that needs us. We remain dedicated to providing the very best services we have to offer and it is with great joy and excitement that we share this wonderful news. 

We Do Recover!

River Community Covina and Wellness Center celebrate Sobriety Birthdays the last Thursday of every month. This month we had six participants take 1 year sobriety birthdays and one participant take 9 years!! We are so very proud of our participants and staff who participate in their sobriety and share their experience, strength, and hope with us. Keep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It!