Omni Center­­ New Program Director

Social Model Recovery Systems IncRecent NewsOmni Center­­ New Program Director
17.03.2023 Nick Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems (SMRS) is proud to announce that Carlos Aguilar has been officially promoted to Program Director of Omni Center.

“Carlos has been a huge champion for Omni Center residents and staff throughout the duration of his time here. I admire Carlos’ gentle soul and his ability to think critically on his toes when it comes to problem-solving.” says Ms. Melanie Arellano, SMRS Regional Director Los Angeles.

Carlos earned his Substance Use Disorder Certification at East Los Angeles where he was a model student. SUD certification is a professional designation that indicates an individual has the necessary training, education, and experience to provide effective treatment and support to individuals struggling with addiction.

Carlos has a rich history in helping others and providing SUD services to the community. He continuously helps individuals who are struggling with addiction overcome their substance use problems and achieve long-term recovery.

Carlos started working for Royal Palms in 2019 as Primary Counselor. In 2020, he started working for Omni Center and because of his dedication and hard work, he was then promoted to Program Coordinator. He has played a critical role in decisionmaking and adaptability at the program. His superb team building and conflict resolution have driven Omni Center forward.

As Program Director, Carlos will continue to be dedicated and responsible for Omni Center in pursuit of excellence while playing a critical role in representing and leading this team. He is working closely with Ms. Arellano in providing education and awareness to the community about SUD to help reduce stigma and increase the utilization of services.

In his free time, Carlos loves spending time with his family, Leila, Sonia, and Myleene. He also enjoys having new experiences like sports events, games, concerts, and shows, and he loves trying new food.

“Please join us in congratulating Carlos Aguilar on his promotion! We are so grateful to have him on the leadership team.” Ms. Arellano added.