The Butterfly Art Project

4.08.2022 Nick Recent News

Residents at Royal Palms participated in an art activity project.

Art Therapy has been proven to be an emotional outlet to express oneself and eases the mind which is good for the soul. We have witnessed the artistic gift that many of our residents had put aside for many years blossom into art that is displayed through our program. 

Some people have been relying on art for self-expression, healing, and communication. Professionals noted that individuals living with mental illness often expressed themselves in art,  and art also became an important part of the therapeutic field and treatment techniques.

Residents at Royal Palms participated in a Butterfly Art project.

The goal is to utilize the creative process to help people explore self-expression, and in so doing, find new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills.

We, at Royal Palms, recently facilitated a group art activity for our residents. Butterflies in some cultures are believed to represent angels, spirits, transformational growth, rebirth, and immortality.

As we work on sobriety, we begin to experience spiritual growth, evolving hope, and change which our residents are currently experiencing through their own recovery. A butterfly starts as something raw, but with time, blossoms into something beautiful.

The project was a huge success. Our Residents did self-reflecting through their interpretation of what the future holds.