Staff Spotlight (New Hires)

26.05.2023 Nick Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems would like to welcome our new hires. Congratulations on your new position and we look forward to having you on board. 

Devin Alexander, RADT
Royal Palms Primary Aide

I decided to work at Social Model Recovery Systems because I have been involved with people who experience substance abuse for most of my adult life. If I can change one person’s life, it would be all worth it. I want to learn everything I can about the field to ensure I give proper and quality care to someone in need, and I believe Social Model Recovery Systems will help me accomplish that.

Jeannette Dominguez, RADT
Bimini Primary Aide

I see working at Social Model Recovery Systems as a great opportunity to grow professionally. My goal is to learn all that I can because I have a strong desire to help those in recovery.

Justin Brandl, RADT
Bimini Group Facilitator

I believe that it is never too late to make changes towards a better life. As a part of the Social Model Recovery Systems team, I will have the opportunity to equip, empower, and encourage powerful and positive changes in a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment. I like that Social Model Recovery Systems supports and encourages continued education as this is also an opportunity for personal growth.               

Stephanie Scapini
Mariposa Administrative Assistant

The reason that I want to work in this field is because I want to be the hand of help for someone who suffers from a substance use disorder. I want to have the opportunity to be a form of support, and guide for those ready to take that step, and reach out for help. Working for  Social Model Recovery Systems can assist me with reaching my goals by giving me the tools and knowledge to help individuals.              

Once again, welcome aboard and we wish you all the best in your new role!