Staff Spotlight (New Hires) 

19.05.2023 Nick Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems would like to welcome our new hires. Congratulations on your new position and we look forward to having you on board. 

Julian Ahorro, B.S.
River Community Primary Aide

My goals with Social Model Recovery Systems are to help the Residents whom we serve and to contribute to the positive culture in the organization. SMRS can help me achieve these goals by giving me an opportunity to gain meaningful experience that I can carry with me for the foreseeable future. My “why” for working in this field is to be able to help those in need attain the life that they want to live. 

Natalie Parra, ACSW
Mariposa Clinical Coordinator

My goal while at SMRS is to expand my skill set in the constantly growing field of addiction medicine. As a mental health advocate and practitioner, I believe in providing positive and impactful services to residents. SMRS can support me with achieving my goals by providing numerous learning opportunities and a safe and inclusive workplace that fosters respect for all. I choose to work in a field that allows me to support individuals on their journey to healing, because I personally believe that success is indicated by the number of people we help.