Shelter Partnership

4.03.2023 Nick Recent News

Social Model Recovery Systems would like to honor Ms. Rhonda Villanueva, Senior Director of Donations Distribution of Shelter Partnership, for her unwavering dedication and commitment to social improvement through cooperative efforts.

Social Model Recovery Systems has been working with Shelter Partnership through Ms. Villanueva for many years, and they have been so generous in providing clothing, bedding, furniture, hygiene products, and diapers to our residents’ children and more.

Through its Donations Clearinghouse program, Shelter Partnership has facilitated the distribution of millions of pounds of donated goods to those in need. They are making a great impact on our residents and participants who are starting to find their way to a healthier and better life.

The organization’s Homeless Prevention Program has also provided emergency financial assistance to help prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless, and its Housing Support Program has helped to develop and maintain affordable housing options for those in need.

Shelter Partnership has helped to provide critical resources and support to hundreds of nonprofit agencies serving homeless individuals and families in Los Angeles County.

Shelter Partnership’s research and advocacy work have also helped to raise awareness of the complex issues surrounding homelessness and promote policy changes to address these issues. The organization’s collaborative approach, working with a wide range of community partners like Social Model Recovery Systems, has helped to build stronger networks and partnerships to support those in need.

Shelter Partnership is continuously working with our agency to address the issue of homelessness and helping to support the most vulnerable members of our communities.