Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (PCADD)

Adult and adolescent treatment for mental health, alcohol and other drug problems.

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Outpatient Program

The PCADD treatment program in Pasadena, CA is designed to meet the needs of people suffering from alcoholism and drug dependence. Included are assessment and evaluation, treatment planning and access to other resources, supervised implementation of the plan, monitored 12-step meeting attendance, education on addiction topics and issues, facilitated recovery support groups, and weekly individual counseling and case management. The Aftercare program provides on-going recovery and treatment support for up to a year after completion of the program. Available to adolescents as well as adults, families are also considered and included in the recovery process offered by this program.

Information & Referral

Every month PCADD handles hundreds of telephone and walk-in inquiries from people in the community seeking information and assistance. We are a comprehensive resource providing referrals for a wide range of questions concerning addiction and recovery. Questions from the general public include where can we get treatment, how much will it cost, how can a family help a loved one stop drinking or using drugs?

Prevention & Outreach

Providing prevention information and tools for coping without alcohol or drugs is an important service of PCADD. With education about addiction and support services for those at-risk individuals, families and communities are better able to prevent addictions’ negative impact on their lives. At resource fairs, community activities and events and upon request by local organizations, PCADD provides educational materials, speakers and consultations.

Program Fees

The cost of most services are covered by many health insurance plans, private/cash payment, as well as funding from county, state, and federal assistance.

The program is an affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

PCADD is certified by the State Department of Health Care Services.
License # 190081EN; expiration date 10/31/2024.
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