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8.03.2023 Nick Recent News

River Community Covina and Wellness Center, a program of Social Model Recovery Systems located in Covina, CA.

Our services offer comprehensive support for adults who are experiencing co-occurring disorders, which are the presence of both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder.

We provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals with co-occurring disorders to receive the treatment and support they need to achieve and maintain their recovery.

Our staff has been working with community agencies and asked a representative to do presentations on the Department of Rehabilitation, hygiene, and Vivitrol. These presentations were informative and educational for our participants.

Working with different agencies like the Department of Rehabilitation is a great way to explore potential partnerships to bring together different perspectives and sources to make a greater impact on our participants.

Some of the services provided by the Department of Rehabilitation may include vocational rehabilitation, job training, job placement assistance, independent living skills training, and assistive technology services. These services are designed to help individuals to overcome barriers to employment and to achieve their full potential in the workplace and in their communities. The agency works closely with community organizations, employers, and other stakeholders to ensure that individuals have access to the resources and support they need to succeed.

Group session

Currently, we have four interns at River Community Covina and Wellness Center who are working towards the completion of their graduate degrees and future licensures. We provide them with opportunities to learn new skills, work on challenging projects, and take on responsibilities that will help them grow and develop as professionals. They are all being trained on how to complete mental health assessments, including formulating diagnoses, and are successfully implementing the tools they learned at the outpatient level. ­

We, at Social Model Recovery Systems, are continuously finding ways to help and support our residents/participants on their journey to a better future.