Red Ribbon Week at Royal Palms

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28.11.2021 Nick Recent News

In preparation for Red Ribbon Week, Staff and Residents worked together to create this year’s display celebrating child drug prevention with the national theme, “Drug-Free Looks Like Me”.

The residents painted a backdrop with the lettering and incorporate it with the Halloween theme. They created masks and hung them in our lobby to make it more exciting.

Overall, the residents had fun painting and decorating then had their own photoshoot afterward, which they said was their favorite part of the event.

Royal Palms dedicated the celebration to all the youngsters who have the chance to change their lives and encourage others to be drug-free.

Red Ribbon Week started after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who in 1985 was brutally murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico. After his death, people wanted to honor his sacrifice. Local celebrations began in California – where Camarena grew up – in 1985, and in 1988 the National Family Partnership started the first National Red Ribbon Week.