OMNI Center – Black Balloon Day

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7.03.2022 Nick Recent News

Omni Center staff and residents observed Black Balloon Day on Friday, March 4th. 

Black Balloon Day is usually observed on March 6th to celebrate and remember the lives lost to overdose. It has become a national and international event, bringing awareness to overdose deaths. 

Black Balloon Day began with a family’s loss. Diane and Lauren Hurley began Black Balloon Day in remembrance of Greg Tremblay. Tremblay, a father of four, is the son-in-law of Diane and brother-in-law of Lauren and died of an overdose when he was 38 years old on March 6, 2015. It was designed to increase awareness of the opioid epidemic, provide a way to remember those who have overdosed, and bring those who have lost a loved one together.

All Men of Omni Center had someone they remembered and honored for Black Balloon Day. One of the residents had over 10 people he’d lost to overdose. The Men of Omni Center were educated on MAT services and how to administer Narcan to someone who may be experiencing an overdose.