National Overdose Awareness Day/Black Balloon Day – BIMINI

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18.03.2022 Nick Recent News

On March 6th, 2022, Bimini remembered and honored those lost to overdose by participating in Black Balloon Day or National Overdose Awareness Day. Staff and residents united to spread awareness, provide support to one another, and remember those who lost their lives by releasing black balloons.

This is the day of remembrance and action. Black Balloon Day, like many other overdose awareness campaigns, emerged from the unfortunate and tragic death of Greg Tremblay, of Saugus, Massachusetts. 

Bimini wanted to ensure we supported this cause as it is one that impacts millions of families all around the world. We strive to participate in recovery every day, so joining an event like National Overdose Awareness Day allows us to spread awareness to our communities and encourage others to also take action.