It’s Not Too Late to Get Started

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21.11.2021 smrs Recent News

Brandon James has been working with our agency, specifically at the Royal Palms and Rena B, in various capacities for 13 years.

After high school and prior to working in recovery, Brandon worked in the motion picture industry as a successful craftsman. As a craftsman, he applied his natural eye for photography, film, and set design to his work while developing new skills on the job.

His meth addiction derailed his advancement in the film business, however, Brandon’s personal recovery led him to a new career working in recovery in 2008. Once Brandon started working in recovery, he discovered that he needed to further his education and that he was a far better student as an adult than he was in the spring of his life.

Brandon began by studying for and earning his CADC II certification with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), which he maintains to this day. Recently, after years of hard work and perseverance, Brandon successfully completed the requirements to earn not one but two Associate degrees. He graduated in August 2021 with Associate of Arts degrees in Applied Photography and Arts and Humanities from Los Angeles City College.

As Brandon says, “This is just the beginning.”