Holiday at River Community

14.12.2022 Nick Recent News

The holiday spirit shines brightly at River Community this year.

Residents and staff made it more exciting by decorating the whole place led by Sarah Tostado, River Community Program Director. Everyone participated in the event and designed their own ornaments.

This will be an exciting Christmas celebration with traditional Christmas decor like bells, reindeer, candles, candy canes, garland, stockings, snow globes, and angels.

River Community will have Christmas activities for residents and joyful experiences inspired by the spirit of the holidays throughout the month.

This holiday, residents and staff can enjoy Christmas decorations with Christmas music playing in the background and the nightly holiday tree lighting.

This season is the great opportunity to take a step back and reflect before the year ends. It’s the best time to be selfless where we forgive, think of what is important, and become better versions of ourselves.