Be A Good Example

26.07.2022 Nick Recent News

Story of James Murrell

The way we live should be an example to those around us.

Omni Center is proud to announce that one of our staff, James Murrell, just earned his AS and AA degree in Business Management, an AA degree in Psychology, and a BA degree in Psychology. Mr. Murrell’s goal is to earn a Master’s degree in social work and to continue to grow and develop in his profession to better aid those who are in need.

James Murrell and his wife Camilla Murrell

Who would have thought that a former addict and criminal is now a responsible culturally sensitive certified substance use disorder counselor promoting exemplary skills in motivational interviewing and group facilitating.

Mr. Murrell went to Options Drug and Alcohol Counseling School where upon completion, he became a certified AOD counselor.  Mr. Murrell is proficient in relaying information on treatment and recovery to those who are suffering from the disease of addiction.

In his spare time, Mr. Murrell counsels the youth in the community, in which he was born, in criminal and gang prevention and intervention. Ultimately, with all the challenges of recovery after substance abuse and addiction, becoming an addiction counselor is a wonderful way to give back to the community while also pursuing a growing and often fulfilling career path.

Mr. Murrell is a husband, father of two, stepfather of three, and a grandfather. He lives his life by the sayings of the Master Teachers, “The best of you is he who is of service to God’s creation.”

One of the wonderful aspects of this industry is that many of the very best counselors were once addicts and remain in recovery to this day.