River Community Learns About Portugal

River Community experienced a presentation close to the heart of one of their very own Primary Counselors, Sara Meeks. We experienced the sights, sounds, traditions, and food of Portugal. The residents participated in preparing beautiful artwork from Portuguese cultural tradition and history, while others helped prepare a lavish and delicious meal for all to enjoy. Sara’s daughter also shared in presenting the journey of cultural self-discovery that she and her mother had recently experienced, after their mother/grandmother passed away. This presentation was moving, compelling, and emotionally charged as the description of Portugal unfolded into memories, traditions, and somewhat of a healing process in the sharing. Tears were shed but smiles and dancing were also shared, with a special participation from the Program Director, Justin Womer.

Presentations on different cultures create a welcoming environment to curiosity for the world. They are also meant to help our residents and participants understand the meaning of valuing everyone’s life experience.