River Community Covina & River Community Wellness Celebrate Transgender Awareness Day

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness celebrated Transgender Awareness Day with an awesome guest speaker, Drian Juarez, from the LGBT Center in downtown Los Angeles. Drian educated our participants and staff on the transgender community, the acronyms of the community as well as the many different levels that encompass the world of the transgender community. Drian cleared up myths and misconceptions and allowed our participants to ask questions in a safe manner. We were informed of the good and bad of being transgendered, such as bullying by friends, family members and society, even including murder. We were shown the great progress that has been made to educate society to prevent the bullying of the transgender population. She provided an interactive presentation and posed a question to everyone in the room, “When did you know when you were a boy or girl?” We would like to thank Drian for coming out and agreeing to continue to come out and educate us so that we can provide more comprehensive services to everyone within the community.