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Participants learn about Heroin

Before becoming Participant of the Month, Marco educated his peers on the pitfalls of heroin. Marco took us through the world of a heroin user; the good, the bad and the ugly. He explained the history of this notorious drug and how people are lured into using it. The participants in the audience listened as Marco shared his own journey towards sobriety and the obstacles he overcame. Our participants learned so many great things that will help them all in their recoveries. Learning from each other is a valuable lesson that strengthens us, gives us hope, and teaches us that in our sobriety we are never alone.


River Covina/Wellness name their first...

River Covina/Wellness began “Participant of the Month” to celebrate the achievements of those in the programs. The staff chose Marco as this month's winner, who received a certificate and lunch with his primary counselor. Marco had a long journey in which he made positive steps in his sobriety. He is currently attending classes at one of the local colleges and has attained 169 days of sobriety! Marco is willing to step in to assist in any project he is asked to do. He also displays leadership among his peers by being a good listener when one is needed, a friend to many, and always having the time to make someone smile. Congratulations Marco!


Family Group at Mariposa

Every weekend at Mariposa, groups meet to help heal families from the negative impact of alcohol and drugs. This group celebrates the unity of families with staff at the end of the 12-week session. They joined together to have a pot luck that included fried chicken, pasta dishes, corn dogs, tostadas, chili, rice and homemade beans, with cookies and fruit for dessert. This week during the family session, they discussed communication traps and improving communication skills by using “I” statements. One parent expressed, “I feel proud when you put a stop to your drinking and you went into recovery because you were struggling and I see that you want to succeed in your sober life.” Another parent shared, “I feel sad when you use because I know you are a great mother.” Powerful statements were shared and tears were shed at the closing of group. It was a special session!

Stepping Stones Teams Up with Voices Against...

Stepping Stones, along with Gwen and Ursula from Voices Against Violence met at Creekside Park in Walnut, CA for a morning of yoga, fellowship and lunch. Gwen provided support for our residents, including those who were victims of domestic violence.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of domestic violence, please don’t be afraid to call 626-689-0274 or email them @

River Community Learns About Portugal

River Community experienced a presentation close to the heart of one of their very own Primary Counselors, Sara Meeks. We experienced the sights, sounds, traditions, and food of Portugal. The residents participated in preparing beautiful artwork from Portuguese cultural tradition and history, while others helped prepare a lavish and delicious meal for all to enjoy. Sara’s daughter also shared in presenting the journey of cultural self-discovery that she and her mother had recently experienced, after their mother/grandmother passed away. This presentation was moving, compelling, and emotionally charged as the description of Portugal unfolded into memories, traditions, and somewhat of a healing process in the sharing. Tears were shed but smiles and dancing were also shared, with a special participation from the Program Director, Justin Womer.

Presentations on different cultures create a welcoming environment to curiosity for the world. They are also meant to help our residents and participants understand the meaning of valuing everyone’s life experience.


CCERP at National Night Out!

We participated at the National Night Out event, where we hosted a booth and distributed our Park Do’s and Don’ts brochure, information on marijuana use and our resource guide. Additionally, we distributed cat litter and coffee grounds with instructions provided by Teens Health, to show community members a safer alternative of disposing unused or expired prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. This alternative was well received and people were surprised at how easy it is to find these common household products to minimize environmental harm. Over all, the event was a success and well attended; we had a lot of fun, especially as we listened to mariachi music and enjoyed the Folkloric dancers.
For more information on ways to safely disposed of unused or expired medications please visit:


CCERP Welcomes New Residents to Improve our...

Community members were welcomed at our ”Cena con Vecinos” (Dinner with Neighbors) and learned about our program at our brand new office. The night was filled with games that involved our work to improve park conditions and deter illicit activity, minimize alcohol-related problems, how to deal with pesky illegal marijuana dispensaries and lastly safe disposal of unused or expired Rx and over-the-counter prescription medications. We topped-off the evening with raffles and delicious tacos—from a local “taquero” (taco vendor). The best part of the event was that we increased our Coalition membership by eight residents, who are eager to learn and improve their neighborhood! If you are in the area, come visit us at 2118 E. First Street, LA, CA 90033.