Recent News

Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug...

Daniel, a participant at the Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, learned he had a 5-month-old daughter while serving a jail sentence two years ago. He was told that she was in the DCFS system and that if he wanted to have a relationship with her, he would need to complete a treatment program. A few months after his release, he enrolled in PCADD and began to form a relationship with his daughter. His road has not been easy and there have been setbacks along the way, however, he never gave up. He continued to keep his desire to be with his daughter as his primary motivation and today, Daniel is nine months sober and one year clean, has a sponsor, is working full-time, attending aftercare groups, and has overnight visits with his daughter. We are very proud of Daniel’s hard work and his dedication to being a clean and sober father. Daniel stated, “Through this program, I have learned that I can do anything so long as I am clean and sober. Today my life is not unmanageable.”

River Community Covina’s Presentation on Yemen

 A River Community Covina participant took the group through the hardships of Yemen, a country that at one time in their history killed people who were addicted to drugs. In the 21st century, 85% of the population is addicted to Khat. The country’s population prefers to drink beer or wine to quench their thirst because their water is not free of pollution. We indulged in some delicacies of the country and a professional belly dancer provided entertainment for the group. We all sat in amazement and awe as she performed several Mediterranean style dances. Our entertainer offered to provide free belly dance lessons to the participants who found interest in learning this unique form of art.

Mid Valley Outpaitent Celebrates Drug Court...

Staff and participants celebrated a Drug Court Graduation on June 29th, 2017 at El Monte Superior Court. Mid Valley Outpatient wants to congratulate our most recent graduates for their hard work and 12-month dedication to treatment. These participants have exceeded all expectations, and have gained employment and continue to have doors open for them in recovery. Staff treated graduates to a brunch at El Sombrero Restaurant, following a ceremony with cake and punch in appreciation for all their accomplishments. 

John Kirby Speaks at River Community to Educate...

River Community is extremely grateful to have had an amazing guest speaker join us. The guest speaker, John Kirby, was an exceptional speaker who educated us on HIV. Our residents were very interested and everybody walked away with a deeper understanding of how the virus is spread and how it affects many different people.

River Community Covina & Wellness Work Hard...

 Every Wednesday in Covina, we receive donations and distribute 40 plus fully stocked boxes of food from our local Albertson's Market to our participants and Alumni. We have built a relationship in our community that allows us to provide for those in need of food. Our participants, their families, and the community have been receiving donations for several years. We have created a process that allows staff to pre-package the food in reusable, numbered boxes, which eliminates any trash or waste. We are truly grateful for Albertsons and the staff at River Community Covina and Wellness Center for keeping this process alive!

Stepping Stones Tours Cultural and Art Museum

 Stepping Stones was honored with the most amazing tour of the H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, Cultural and Art Museum, located in Covina. This museum is Covina's hidden treasure and is a spiritual escape for all member of our community. Thank you to the staff for being so accommodating and teaching us so many things about the uniqueness of your art.

Mariposa Celebrates 37 Years of Recovery

Mariposa alumni and staff Melanie, Vivian, and Maria celebrated a combined total of 37 years of recovery. Residents decorated, prepared a delicious meal and baked a cake for them. Staff shared their experiences, strengths and hopes with the residents, inspiring them to continue to work hard in their recovery.