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River Community Covina & River Community...

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness celebrated Transgender Awareness Day with an awesome guest speaker, Drian Juarez, from the LGBT Center in downtown Los Angeles. Drian educated our participants and staff on the transgender community, the acronyms of the community as well as the many different levels that encompass the world of the transgender community. Drian cleared up myths and misconceptions and allowed our participants to ask questions in a safe manner. We were informed of the good and bad of being transgendered, such as bullying by friends, family members and society, even including murder. We were shown the great progress that has been made to educate society to prevent the bullying of the transgender population. She provided an interactive presentation and posed a question to everyone in the room, “When did you know when you were a boy or girl?” We would like to thank Drian for coming out and agreeing to continue to come out and educate us so that we can provide more comprehensive services to everyone within the community.


Mariposa Staff & Residents Attend the East...

Mariposa staff and residents attended the East Los Angeles Committee Fundraiser. They arrived early to help decorate, set up in the kitchen, and serve food. Everyone enjoyed a comedy show and delicious dinner, of barbacoa, rice, beans, and salad. After the show and dinner, they attended the speaker meeting with an awesome message. The rest of the night was filled with music and dancing! It is always amazing to see our residents have fun in recovery!

Regional Program Director Elected for Service...


On March 9, 2017 Christopher Abernathy, Regional Program Director of Adult Outpatient Services for Social Model Recovery Systems was elected Co- Chair for Service Area 3 Advisory Committee. Congratulations on the accomplishments you have made!


Happy Birthday Loretta!

March 8th, 2017, River Community Covina and Wellness staff celebrated, team member Loretta Chacon’s 13th Sobriety Birthday!! We are so proud of Loretta for her continued sobriety and dedication to her program of recovery. Loretta has quite a story to tell and is always willing to share her experience, strength, and hope. It’s always a pleasure to see Loretta in action as she takes care of the in depth details of the operations of our programs. She is truly a strong woman as well as a valuable peer support for our team and participants! Keep coming back Loretta, you are truly LOVED!


Important Women in Black History Presentation...

The residents at Mariposa celebrated Black History Month with an African-American Southern Cultural Dinner and presented on important women in black history. The dinner had a special menu designed by the residents, featuring homemade southern food. There was a wide variety of dishes, including; ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, fried chicken, corn bread, macaroni & cheese, spinach & cheese, collard greens, rice, corn, and for dessert apple pie, banana cream pie, and peach cobbler.

The residents presented their projects on women who have strongly impacted our culture and are aknowledged in black history, these women included; Venus and Serena Williams, Coretta Scott King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ruby Amanze, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Afeni Shakur, and Harriet Tubman.

We all enjoyed the food and learned about strong women in history.

Cultural Awareness Committee Meeting

River Community Wellness hosted the Cultural Awareness Committee Meeting this month in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Staff took an enchanted trip to Vietnam, learned about the country’s rich history, culture, and Tet tradition. This was an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding, which helped foster appreciation for the similarities and differences between different cultures.

Touch Stone staff member, Michelle's Baby...

All of Touchstones Staff came together to celebrate Michelle's Baby Shower! Michelle has been an awesome co-worker to everyone around her and more importantly an amazing friend. Whenever we ask for her help, she never hesitates, and provides us with the help and answers we need. We are sad that this is her last week with us, but happy to see her take on this new journey ahead.

We love you Michelle!

See you in a couple months with baby Jaziel in your arms!