Recent News

Success and Gratitude of Rena B Resident

Some of the residents of Rena B would like to show their appreciation and gratitude to the program and the wonderful staff. The following words are from Brenna G., a resident at Rena B.

“Underneath all of my tattoos, I am a woman and I am a Mom of Twins. Regardless of my dark past, I wake up every day grateful to my Higher Power for granting me the courage to keep going, the ability to stay focused on my goals, for allowing me to forgive myself and forgive others, freeing my mind of past circumstances and defilements, and for placing so many motivational women in my life at just the right moment. My Higher Power has given me unconditional love to pay forward. A special thanks to Ms. Senetha & Ms. Pam, for believing in me at the moments I could not believe in myself. Your warmth lights my path. Thank you Ms. Rita for pushing me to fight for what I truly want and encouraging me to my worth. Thank you Rena B for accepting me for ME, being patient and guiding me to truly change my life. Thank you to Maxine for providing me with an education that will set a foundation to feed my twins and keep us safe. Thank you Trudy from DOR, without you and the services DOR provides, my education would never have been possible. Thank you to Rossie “The Riveter”, who has been a symbol of feminism, righteousness and taught me that “We can do it.” We can do ANYTHING! Today I am full of gratitude. Today I am getting an education. Today I am building a solid foundation to provide for me and my beautiful twins. Today’s struggles are meaningful and full of purpose. Tomorrow and all following days, we will be safe… We will be smiling."

Our agency is very pleased to witness the growth and flourishing of individuals in treatment. We are very proud of Brenna and hope she continues on her path, one day at a time!


Alumni Association St. Patrick's Day Dance

Over the weekend The Alumni Association Executive Board threw a St. Patrick's Day Dance, hosted at the Omni Center!  Residents from different programs within our agency as well as alumni came out to dance the night away and have fun in recovery. They were able to enjoy a dinner menu with a touch of green, including enchildas or chile verde, beans, and rice. The Alumni Association strives to plan events that can help them fundraise for current residents and participants in treatment that may need extra assistance.



CCERP Amazing Partnership and Victory

Some liquor stores in low income communities create social and economic challenges in Los Angeles County. Enforcement is lax and creates numerous alcohol-related problems. A key tool that communities can use is the regulatory process to ensure good operating standards. Once a license is issued, it is hard to reverse.

Since May 2016, Community Centered Emergency Room Project (CCERP) has been collaborating with the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department (Department) to address these problem liquor stores in unincorporated LA County. During the month of January, CCERP staff alongside our Coalition helped the Department outreach to approximately 500 alcohol selling establishment throughout LA County --- from Hacienda Heights, to East Los Angeles, to Lennox to Marina Del Rey as well as other areas. Service providers funded by LA County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control were instrumental in this effort. Our amazing partnership resulted in a VICTORY on March 8, 2017, when the Regional Planning Commission unanimously passed the SAAFE Ordinance after much support and no opposition.

Stepping Stones & Mariposa St. Patrick's...

Jim O' Connell, Bruce Boardman, staff and residents of Mariposa & Touchstones went to Stepping Stones to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We enjoyed a delicious traditional St. Patrick’s lunch of corn beef & cabbage and soda bread. We also enjoyed a presentation given by Stepping Stones residents including information on Irish culture and celebrating without alcohol. Thank you Stepping Stones staff and residents for the hospitality!

River Community Covina & River Community...

The program of River Community Covina and River Community Wellness were proud to sponsor the March 2017 Provider’s Networking Luncheon. Our guests were other providers and  programs from our agency. They had the opportunity to spotlight the services that his/her program provided for the community, as well as the innovative projects for the future. We learned about the Human Trafficking Task Force being assembled to assist victims of human trafficking. Individuals learned, through an informative presentation, that over 8,000 victims were trafficked in the United States over the last year. We networked with members from the Department of Mental Health-Spa 3 Service Area, Asian Coalition, Twin Town Treatment Center, Pacific Clinics, UCLA, USC, and more. Our very own John Catania was the MC of our luncheon, sharing the many services provided by all the programs of Social Model Recovery Systems. The staff of River Community Covina and River Community Wellness provided tours, answered questions from our guests and handed out Social Model Teddy Bears as a gesture of appreciation for attending. We would like to thank everyone who participated in putting this event together and hope that you can join us at any of our upcoming provider’s networking luncheons.


Residents of Royal Palms Visit the African...

In February, in observance of Black History Month, the men at Royal Palms visited the African American Museum in Los Angeles. This was a great experience for these men and they were able to enjoy a piece of history in their clean and sober beginings. This month they are looking forward to a "Dance" in recognition of St. Patrick's Day.  



PCADD Honors Youth Art Month

In honor of Youth Art Month, the adolescent group at Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence were each asked to paint a picture of a scene that is calming to them. These paintings are a symbol of hope when times are difficult, and they can look at their painting and find some comfort during their recovery process. The adolescents enjoyed this activity and learned a positive new coping skill to express themselves artistically.