Recent News

Newest River Community Graduate: John D.

River Community is proud to announce the graduation of one of our residents, John D. John came to us in February and did nothing less than flourish in our program. This resident continued to set a shining example for our other participants by leading our community as Resident President and holding a spot in the Resident Council. He always volunteered to help when needed and did so with a smile. John was faced with hardships while in our program and yet still completed and graduated the program. He moved on to stay sober and in recovery. Congratulations, John!

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and...

 We are so very honored and grateful to be involved yet another year at the Annual CCAPP Conference. Outreach Representatives Kyle Barker of Touchstones and Gustavo Solis of River Community are shown below attending, exhibiting and supporting the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals.We look forward to another great event this year where we are able to connect with so many in our field of addiction and recovery, building strong connections with like-minded professional who are dedicated and passionate about the people we serve and the services we provide to help those in need. 

Mid Valley Outpatient's trip to the Santa Fe...

The staff of Mid Valley Outpatient treated participants and their families to a well-deserved, wonderful day out consisting of sun, fun and relaxation at the Santa Fe Dam. Smiles and laughs were shared all around as the participants and their guests had a blast playing in the water, renting bikes, riding boats around the lake, and enjoying a delicious lunch. The summer ended with gracious hearts filled with joy and gratitude for sobriety and recovery.



SMRS at the Al-Impics

Participants, residents and staff attended and joined in on the annual Al-Impics in Wilmington, CA. The event was exciting because so many program communities in recovery were there to join in on the fellowship. Guest star speaker, Danny Trejo delivered encouraging words to those in attendance and handed it off to our own, amazing Jim O’Connell to MC the festivities. Social Model rocked the parade with a dance routine from River Community (that won 1st place), accompanied by Colin Womer and his bagpipes. The sound of Social Model Recovery Systems was heard loud and proud all the way off the field from the parade. Our delicious lunch was provided by our LA programs and was a great addition to our day. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. We look forward to another round in 2018!!


“Let’s Make a Deal” Day with Mid Valley Outpatient

Our staff at Mid Valley Outpatient took the awesome participants on a fun-filled outing to the “Let’s Make a Deal" game show! What a memorable time we had dressing up in silly costumes while cheering, dancing and shouting with great enthusiasm! All of our Mid Valley Outpatient participants tried earnestly for a chance to be on the game show and win cash and prizes. But all cash and prizes aside, the opportunity to have an enormous amount of fun while being clean and sober was the greatest gift of all!

Participants learn about Heroin

Before becoming Participant of the Month, Marco educated his peers on the pitfalls of heroin. Marco took us through the world of a heroin user; the good, the bad and the ugly. He explained the history of this notorious drug and how people are lured into using it. The participants in the audience listened as Marco shared his own journey towards sobriety and the obstacles he overcame. Our participants learned so many great things that will help them all in their recoveries. Learning from each other is a valuable lesson that strengthens us, gives us hope, and teaches us that in our sobriety we are never alone.


River Covina/Wellness name their first...

River Covina/Wellness began “Participant of the Month” to celebrate the achievements of those in the programs. The staff chose Marco as this month's winner, who received a certificate and lunch with his primary counselor. Marco had a long journey in which he made positive steps in his sobriety. He is currently attending classes at one of the local colleges and has attained 169 days of sobriety! Marco is willing to step in to assist in any project he is asked to do. He also displays leadership among his peers by being a good listener when one is needed, a friend to many, and always having the time to make someone smile. Congratulations Marco!