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Royal Palms Program Director Elected to CCAPP...

Michael R. Barnes, Royal Palms Program Director, recently won election to the California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professionals (CCAPP) Board of Directors. Michael was inducted as an individual member to the Board at CCAPP’s Third Annual Conference in San Diego on October 26th. He will represent Los Angeles.

Prior to his accepting this post, Michael was nominated by our Executive Director, Jim O’Connell, and subsequently elected to the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) Board. He served on the CAARR/CAADAC Transition Committee.

Michael has a B.A. in Mass-Media Communications and is a proud 2004 graduate of the CAARR Institute where he was certified as a CAS I Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Today, he holds a CADC-II, ICADC with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of addiction. Throughout his AOD career, he has specialized in securing Adult Education, Computer Skills, Occupational Training and Life Skills programming for recovering men and women through grant-writing, outreach and community collaboration. His primary focus will be to advocate and help provide access to more affordable evidenced-based CEU trainings, educational opportunities and professional development for all certified and registered members of CCAPP’s District 4 region.

Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor, Michael...

River Community, Residential Treatment for Adults with Co-Occurring Disorders, is very proud to announce that one of our team has passed his CATC exam, and is now Michael Fabacher, CATC-I !

Mr. Fabacher has worked very hard for the last two years going to school, working, and being a devoted family man. Mike is a positive role model to our residents and great example of what can be accomplished with a little hard work and determination. Great job Mike!


NAMI Success!

Although we did not meet our goal of $10,000, the success lies in our contribution to a cause that will forever be vital as long as man exists on this planet. Many thanks to Team SMRS 16 for continuing to strive to uplift the hearts and give a voice to those who seem to be silenced.

Next year is just around the corner!

Team Captain

Congratulations Jessica Wilson

Social Model Recovery Systems very own Jessica Wilson decided to jump into the River of our Community with aspirations of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and on October 27th, the Board of Behavioral Sciences in Sacramento California confirmed this most auspicious accomplishment. Congratulations Ms. Jessica Wilson, your hard work and perseverance are qualities to imitate here at River Community Wellness.

Sober Birthdays at Pasadena Council on Alcoholism...

Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence celebrate Sobriety Birthdays the last Wednesday of every month. In October, we celebrated two participants (Heidy and Elisa) with 1 year sobriety each! Participants shared their experience, strength and hope with their peers, encouraging them to stay with the program, so that they too can experience the gift of recovery! We are so proud of these women for taking it One Day at a Time!

Whitcomb High School Support Panel

Social Model Recovery Systems was invited to Whitcomb High School in Glendora to speak to students about the life experiences of selected staff members, what it was like growing up, and consequences faced due to decisions that were made at an early age. Staff at Whitcomb arrived early to greet us with a warm welcome and showed us to our seats at the front of the auditorium, facing the rows and rows of empty seats that would soon be filled with high school students. As the students were ushered into the cafeteria, some of them attempted to find the furthest seats in the back, away from everyone else. Their faces showed reluctance as they were redirected to the empty seats in the front rows. After a cheerful introduction by Screening and Assessment Director, Sylvia Reed-Drake, each panelist was given seven minutes to speak. One by one, each person shared their stories of experience, strength, and hope. Not one individual, including the SMRS team, could predict what would happen next.

As our speakers began sharing their stories, the room remained completely silent. Not a single inappropriate side conversation was made during the entire presentation and all you could hear were the speaker’s words resonating in the minds and hearts of the students and staff. Every set of eyes were fixed on the speaker and every ear intent on listening, hanging on to each spoken word. The body language among the crowd proved to be engaged and interested, their faces painted with captivation and intrigue.

The room was filled with nearly one hundred students and staff, and yet, it was as if you could sense that many who were listening in the crowd were still fighting their own battles, experiencing similar struggles in their lives. Today they were seeing the faces and hearing the voices of those whose stories were real and raw…just like their own. These were the stories of the people who had once been in their shoes. These were stories of great struggle and pain, but in the end were filled with great strength, courage and hope.

At the conclusion of the presentation, after the students had returned to their classes, the principal of Whitcomb High School expressed unmeasurable gratitude towards SMRS staff, stating that he knew the stories that were shared were relatable to so many of his students. Today, Social Model Recovery Systems helped carry the message of hope to the students and staff of Whitcomb High School. We count it an honor and privilege to be able to help in any way we can to the community and anyone who might need our service.


Mike Schaub presents to the California Consortium...

Senior Director of Community Relations, Mike Schaub, served as the Morning Plenary Speaker for the opening day of the Third Annual California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals Conference. Mike engaged a capacity crowd on "Uncompromising Customer Service". He emphasized the six basic needs of customer service as well as the difference between "service" and "uncompromising service". It was a lively, fast-paced, inter-active session with Addictions Professionals from all across California. He incorporated many of the Social Model Recovery Systems Core Beliefs in his suggested practical approach to delivering "uncompromising" customer service. And, the Social Model Recovery Systems Teddy Bears were a hit!