Recent News

River Community Covina’s Thirft Store Day

Thrift Store Day is an amazing event hosted by River Community Covina. Participants, interns and staff have been diving into mounds of donated items to make Thrift Store Day a success. Things such as: clothing, shoes, lamps, dog houses, coffee machines and even children’s toys have been donated. Our participants cannot wait until the doors open for the first time.

River Community Covina’s Newest Cultural...

A participant at River Community Covina presented an amazing presentation on Poland. The participants learned about Poland’s food, culture, drug history and how they treat their population that lives with a mental illness. Poland is a land of striking beauty, with forests, rivers, broad plains, and tall mountains. Traditional Polish foods include: duck soup, red beet soup, dumplings (pierogi), smoked salmon and eel, sausages and sauerkraut, and pork and poultry dishes. The participants were fed sausages and sauerkraut to enjoy first-hand the food of Poland.

Social Model Recovery Systems Hopping Into Spring...

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings and growth. Residents and Participants of Social Model Recovery Systems are transitioning into new parts of their lives. Recovery is a continuous series of growth that is worth coming together and celebrating. Over the weekend programs; Stepping Stones, Mid Valley Outpatient, Mariposa, Omni Center, River Community Azusa, River Community Covina & Wellness, and Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence came together to do just that! Families came out to enjoy some sunshine, listen to music, and eat delicious BBQ. All the children who attended played games together, received a basket of goodies, and participated in an Easter egg hunt. All in all, it was a beautiful day filled with good times for everyone to remember.



Stepping Stones Enjoys The Chalk Festival

The Participants of Stepping Stones enjoyed a beautiful and fun-filled trip to the 2017 Chalk Festival, presented by the City of Covina and Autism Highway. They listened to music as they appreciated the masterpieces being created by the artists on the sidewalks. All proceeds from this festival benefit those with Autism by providing opportunities for creativity and community inclusion.

River Community's Adventure to the Getty...

The residents of River Community had the opportunity to experience the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. They enjoyed seeing 500 varieties of plants, mazes, and stone waterfalls. The art that was viewed included European paintings, sculpture and decorative art collections of Medieval and early Renaissance exhibitions. The exhibit that was the collective favorite was the “Bouchardon Royal Artist of Enlightenment” which is an exhibit by a French 18th century sculptor and draftsmen. Staff and Residents both expressed joy and gratitude for this wonderful day.

Fun Filled Presentation at River Community Covina...

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness had a presentation given by one of our participants on a drug called Ketamine. Participants received education on the dangers of this drug, who manufactures this drug and the uses for this drug approved by the FDA. It was established that Ketamine was originally developed to assist with pain management and now research is being done with those with schizophrenia. The medical profession has discovered that administering this drug lessens the severity of schizophrenia episodes, but it is still highly addictive. We learned that this drug comes in different forms such as liquid and crystalize. One of the many good uses for this drug is used by Veterinarians as a large animal tranquilizer during surgeries. The participant made this presentation fun and interesting. “I like how the information was very informative and I like how it was uplifting for the speaker,” states one of the participant after listening to her peer. We are excited for the participant's next presentation.


Families Reunited at Mariposa

The staff at Mariposa takes pride in doing as much as possible for the community and their residents. The Mariposa staff, along with doing many other wonderful things, has been working on reuniting children with their parents. In 2016-2017, the staff helped reunite 11 children with their mothers. The staff is proud to have walked alongside these women through their struggles and showed them how to be mothers again. We are all proud and honored to have watched these butterflies fly free.