Recent News

Trip to Mt. Baldy

Omni Center residents enjoyed experiencing nature up in Mount Baldy. There they enjoyed a spiritual walk with their Primary Counselor Leo and the Program Coordinator Arlene. For many of them, this was their first time seeing and touching snow. The residents took the time to reflect on their journey through recovery thus far and shared how grateful they are to be sober.


Mini Make-overs For Our Participants

The Staff at River Community Covina and Wellness Center teach our participants how to love themselves, the importance of self-care, and other important things that help a participant improve their self-esteem. Some of our participants who first come in seeking treatment have been on drugs and living on the streets for many years. More than likely, they haven't experienced blessings such as getting pampered, taking care of self and attending stores like Sephora.

When Staff recently visited Sephora, we shared with the store manager about the services we provide to help both men and women. Without any hesitation, the manager agreed to provide mini-makovers to our participants, and the make-up artists were more than willing.

For some of our participants, this was their first time getting make-overs and some had never heard of Sephora before this day. Staff at Sephora also hooked these women up with a gift bag full of samples for them to take home. Gratitude was deeply expressed by our beautiful women in recovery.


CCERP's Coalition Holiday Celebration!

We hosted our second annual Coalition Holiday Celebration alongside our members and esteemed guests. The room was filed with warmth as we enjoyed a delicious bowl of hot pozole. Pozole is a Mexican soup made with meat (chicken or pork) complimented by hominy (corn); it is truly a celebratory dish. For us, it was a time of sharing but most importantly we appreciated each other’s work to improve our communities. We are grateful for all the joy and laughter shared and the bonding experience we were able to enjoy. Everyone left home with a small token of our appreciation—some were even handmade by our very own Socorro Chacon. We are lucky to have such a wonderful team and Coalition members who help us make Boyle Heights a better, healthier community. A special thanks goes out to, our CEO Jim O’Connell, for sharing his time with us and representatives from Building Healthy Communities Boyle Heights for joining us.

Harvest Feast

River Community Residential Facility, a program of Social Model Recovery Systems, hosted their annual Harvest Feast. This year's turnout was amazing, an excess of 250 people attended. Amongst our attendees were residents from River Community as well as residents from our sister programs and their families. We also invited staff from other programs to attend our feast and enjoy our celebration. Tours were conducted and the feedback was impressive. Our kitchen supervisor Victoria Antunez did a phenomenal job cooking and preparing, as well as our residents and staff. People had so much fun taking pictures in our photo booth and we got to see a musical performance by our very own River band.


Native American Presentation by Theresa Rodriguez

River Community Covina Counselor, Theresa, presented to the participants on the history and culture of  The Native American tribe, Mescalero Apache. Not only did Theresa present, but she also invited two Native American men to sing songs, answer questions, and beat the drum which is said to sound just like a heart beat. While listening to our Native American guests, fry bread was prepared by Theresa and Sonia so that the participants could enjoy Native American tacos.

Guests included Singing Bird (Mescalero Apache) who was singing and beating the drum, and Sam I Am (Cherokee).

Clearing the Wreckage of the Past

Martin Winfield spoke to several of our staff about exemptions, expungements, and reunifications. This meeting was held at Royal Palms. Mr. Winfield, an attorney, originally reached out to our agency to see if there was a way he can volunteer some time to speak with program participants about clearing up legal issues. Many of these types of issues serve as barriers to participants and their families. This was an introductory meeting that helped staff get to know Mr. Winfield and served as a Q&A session. He will be coming out to speak with Social Model Recovery Systems participants at several of the programs soon. We appreciate his willingness to volunteer his time and help our participants clear the wreckage of their past.

Veterans Day at Bimini

Today program staff and residents gathered and spent the day expressing gratitude for our Veteran men and women for their service to our country. On this very special day our doors were open to friends, family and the community to honor not only our veteran residents and staff but all men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. We had an incredible meal prepared by our amazing kitchen crew and truly enjoyed our day together.