Recent News

Fitness Friday

The Omni Center is committed to incorporating treatment and activities that will promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth for all the residents. Friday is a designated fitness day, where Omni Center's staff and participants engage in activities that elicit physical wellness.

Newest River Community Graduate: Rigoberto B.

River Community is proud to announce the graduation of Rigoberto B. Rigo has been a joy to have at our program. He is always willing to help anyone in need and brings a smile and a light to every room he enters! Congratulations, Rigo!

Halloween Celebration at River Community

Last week, residents and staff of River Community came together and showed their Halloween spirit. Residents took it upon themselves to purchase and pass out candy to each other. A few even dressed for the occasion. It is lovely to see these participants enjoy themselves on their journey in recovery.

Hollenbeck Park Community Cleanup

Recently, the Prevention Team, along with volunteers, housed/homeless residents, and community-based organizations, coordinated and organized a clean-up at Hollenbeck Park to discourage illicit drug use. The day was filled with sunshine, which helped to inspire a positive sense of community and volunteerism. While the birds chirped, the youth, homeless individuals, and other participants worked closely together to clean our neighborhood park. It was a great day engaging new people in our effort, drawing in the observers to participate and help pick up trash as well


Halloween Fun in the Office

Social Model Recovery Systems employees from the main office got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in their costumes. Congratulations to Laura for winning the costume contest! 

Mike's Inspiring Journey

Congratulations to Mike, who was recently honored as one of three finalists for the inspirational ACHSA Award at a banquet at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel. Mike, whose personal journey took him from successful business owner to 17 years as a homeless man battling mental illness and addiction and, now, to a productive citizen with 10 years sobriety, received an official commendation from the County of Los Angeles, signed by all five County Supervisors. Although Mike did not win the top ACHSA award, which recognizes people who have made great strides in living with mental illness and addiction, he humbly stated, “I understand why that guy did win”. Mike is an inspiration to us all.


Cultural Awareness Committee

During our most recent Cultural Awareness Committee meeting, we explored Puebla, Mexico, learning about its history, traditions, legends, and most importantly, its food. Maria Paz, Community Organizer for CCERP not only presented but also prepared delicious “Mole Poblano” (a sauce made from more than twelve ingredients, including chocolate and many spices) served over chicken and brought popular sweet potato candies. Additionally, we learned how important religion is for the people of Puebla and, at the same time, how colonialism destroyed many of the Aztec temples. Those who came parted with a “recuerdo” (small parting gift to remember the event). Special thanks goes out to Bruce Boardman, CEO, and the programs who joined us, Bimini, River Community and Omni Center!