Recent News

32nd Annual Kingdome Day Parade

Staff and residents attended the 32nd Annual Kingdome Day Parade in the city of Los Angeles to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We enjoyed watching the dancers, floats, and all the different schools marching by. It was an honor for all of us to attend and be part of this celebration. Many people gathered up to celebrate Martin Luther King’s life and his important message of “Equality”.

Steps to Success Graduate

We are happy to present our newest graduate of Steps to Success, Natalie. Natalie completed the Steps to Success curriculum where she gained valuable interviewing techniques, confidence in answering the difficult questions when being interviewed and the skills to compose a dynamite resume. Natalie put in the work that is required of this class and her reward is obtaining employment with Edible Arrangements. Natalie is so happy with her achievement; she encourages others to go through the Steps to Success course to increase their chances of becoming employed. We wish you Natalie much success at your new job!

Congratulations Guadalupe!

 Congratulations to Guadalupe Ponce from Stepping Stones. She is now a certified Substance Abuse Counselor! Social Model Recovery Systems is so happy for her achievement and we truly appreciate her hard work and dedication to the women and children at Stepping Stones, Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program for Women and Women with Children.

Las Posadas and Navidad

Las Posadas and Navidad are linked together because it is the journey of Virgin Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus. Posadas are celebrated 9 days before Christmas. On January 6, the Epiphany is celebrated. This was when Jesus was visited by the 3 wise men. This day is celebrated today by giving presents to everyone in the family and by gathering together to eat the Rosca de Reyes (the kings bread). In this bread, baby Jesus is hidden and whoever finds him in their slice, will celebrate by making a feast on February 2nd...The Day of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Feeding the Homeless

Mariposa staff and residents went to Central City East (also known as Skid Row) to pass out hot McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and bottles of water to the community. Staff and residents of Mariposa also went to visit a family who is currently living in a tent on Skid Row with thier two children. We offered them hot meals and gifts for the kids. 

Holiday Thank You Letters

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”-Ronald Reagan

We can all move through the motions of our day, counting down the time we spend doing monotonous things. Why not make the days’ count by adding something extra? Something that will enrich someone else’s life, with an act of kindness. For many of us at Social Model Recovery Systems the Participant/Resident Holiday Celebration was just that. Everyone that was a part of this event contributed to each and every child and their smiling faces. These letters of appreciation from children that attended are a reminder that we are doing something right and it down right melted our hearts as we are sure it will do yours.

Amazing job everyone!

Mariposa Christmas Dinner

Mariposa, a residential alcohol and drug treatment program for women and women with children, and a program of Social Model Recovery Systems, celebrated the holidays in a number of special ways this year. One night in paricular, the residents had an opportunity to invite their families over and gather together under one roof. Staff at Mariposa joined the residents and their families to enjoy a beautiful, intimate evening full of love and magical memories. A delicious dinner was prepared, Christmas carols were sang throughout the evening, and best of all, a very special visit was made to the children by none other than Mr. Santa Claus himself! Joy and delight was heard and felt throughout the Mariposa program as Santa passed out gifts to the children as well as to our residents.